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Welcome to Sonic Tales/Prime:The Chaos Collision

The first Comic I ever planned on doing. This is my 13th attempt at making it.

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Big Brother G-merl
Big Brother G-merl

June 17th, 2015, 6:54 pm

Planned return and plotline poll

Hey guys, I'm back! It seems I work best during the summer, must be a hold over from when I was still in highschool. Anyways I'm planing to try and begin working on Chaos Collision and Time of Chaos again. But, as usual, I'm going to need some help if I'm going to progress with either.
The first way I'm looking for help is co authors who can help me with spriting, drawing and/or writing the various parts of the comic, PM me if you're interested in helping me in any of those areas.
The otherway is feedback and to help with this I now have a new page on this comic: Plotline polls, here I'll be looking for input from my veiwers on what they'd like to see in my comic. theres a poll for which characters should be followed in the next page so check that out when you have the time.
Hopefully I'll be able to get this comic off the ground by next month.

September 4th, 2012, 5:59 pm

Chaos Collision Begins!

Arc 1 is just begining, But this Pic is from near the end of Arc 2
Why am I showing you this? Besides the fact I like it and felt like showing it off I have thought up a couple of reasons:
1. This shows That I DO have alot of the story planned out in my head.
This Comic is my very first Idea, and the entire Story had been planned out in advanced. However, since I rarely reach double digits before leaving the comic behind, I felt a need to show the readers that I am not always stopping because I'm out of Ideas. This Picture represents my promise that there will always be more to the story as long as there are questions to be answered.

2. If you want to be a Co author, You need to prove I need you.
I'm not going to accept just anyone into my comic. I need to know if the person has something I don't. When requesting to join this Comic. Include an example of your talents, using this picture as your resource.
If your skills are in writing then write a story about the picture.
If your great at drawing, draw your own version of this picture.
If you think you can make comics better than me then make a 9 panel comic based on this picture (Using your own Resources of course).
If your good at flash (something I could definitely use for my Arc finale's) Make a music video using this picture as inspiration.
If your talents are in music, character design, Spriting, or something not listed here, PM me and tell me your talents, if you do a good job I'll hire you on the spot and if you do just Okay I'll ask you for a specific product.

Good luck to those who want in and Thank you to those who support me as fans.

This is Neko Vira Signing out.

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